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FULLGLASS is passionate about wine.
We’re all about sales stuff, export, brands & strategy and we love it.


Fullglass - just like the rest, only different...

In fact we’re just a bunch of friendly, hardworking people who love creating sales opportunities for our awesome customers. Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you think we should help you out with your new project.


  • Specialists in wine,we get what you want. —we would be happy to meet for a FREE chat to decide how your strategy can be best approached
  • Have you always wanted to EXPORT? We can short circuitthe process and give your brand a presence quickly.
  • Fullglass are not your typical 'blah blah blah' consultants. We're honest, hardworking people who simply 'do stuff' instead of talking about it.
  • "The rise of Middle Class China is as important as the rise of The Internet"

    James Packer

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Simon West


Wine Export, Branding, Sales, General Management, Online retail expertise

Simon West’s passion for the food and wine industry spans more than 20 years. With vast experience covering the supplier, distribution and export of Australian Food & Wine, backed by a business degree (Major in Marketing) and the senior role’s of Sales & Marketing and as General Manager for a large volume online wine retailer, Simon is the go-to person for ensuring product success.

Simon’s experience spans geographies and includes new product launches, developing innovative promotional campaigns and strategic category plans. Simon has led highly successful teams covering sales, category management, promotions, marketing, inventory replenishment.

Simon is also passionate about helping start up businesses.  Call Simon on 0412913120 to discuss the markets you would like to enter.



Nick Carr


Nick’s experience spanning over 25 years covers the supplier, retail, importing / exporting and  distribution within FMCG (fast moving consumable goods).  Nick has held senior role’s including CEO at a Global Haircare company, Sales & Marketing Director for a UK owned multinational across ANZ, China and SE Asia, as General Manager for a large high volume Australian food manufacturing business, and is backed by a business degree (majoring in Marketing and Finance). Within the wholesale / retail sphere Nick led highly successful teams covering sales, category management, promotions, marketing, inventory replenishment and fresh produce, meat and seafood procurement for an ASX Top 100 listed company. Nick has the experience and know how to ensure the success of your project.

Nick’s history within corporate and family owned businesses spans geographies and includes P & L management, strategy development, new product and geographical launches, developing team culture, recruitment and continuous operational improvement programs. He is well recognised for his his leadership of culture and engagement and a  high level of customer service as demonstrated by numerous Supplier Of The Year awards.

Nick is also passionate about helping start up businesses and brands and was involved with a start up business within the Utilities sector where he led the commercialization of a ground breaking energy retail offer which according to Brett Godfrey (ex Virgin Airlines CEO) is “the best new venture I have seen in the past 5 years”. He led the business strategy, modeling and planning, board recruitment and capital raising in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vaughan Sutherland


Wine branding, Creative direction

Vaughan is a highly experienced, respected and awarded creative branding, marketing communications, advertising and product innovation professional. Over his 30+ years working in advertising, design and brand development Vaughan has held senior creative and creative director roles in major Australian advertising agencies including Chiat Day Mojo, Monahan Dayman Adams and Clemenger BBDO, working nationally, in Asia and the USA. He has won over 100 Australian and international creative and marketing awards for his advertising and design work; and is a member of ‘Award,’ recognising the highest levels of creative achievement in Australia.

Vaughan is the founder and principal of Perth-based EVO Innovation – an innovative new product development and branding driven advertising and marketing business – with a philosophy to “build the creative and marketing into the product”. Over two decades Vaughan has developed EVO into a unique, creative hybrid combining a strategic and creative consultancy with marketing, advertising, branding and design – and new product development and innovation. It’s and ideas business first and a creative communicator second. He knows what it takes to build a big idea into a successful business: “to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

In 2004 the unique “Howling Wolves” wine brand and business was born out of this process. Vaughan was a founding partner responsible for the marketing and business strategy along with the innovative product and branding innovation that has seen “the Wolves” howling in all states of Australia and overseas Singapore, India, China and the USA.

Over this time Vaughan has developed experience and skills across the breadth of the wine and liquor business. He knows the working realities and what it takes to create and run successful brands, across all channels. And he has “at the coalface” experience in winemaking, product innovation, branding and packaging and sales and marketing. So, when he’s developing and designing brands and strategies and packaging and creative marketing – he’s doing so with a decade’s experience doing it successfully for his own wine brand and business. In the most Innovative, creative and cost effective way.


Yvette deLyster


Wine Export, General Management 

Yvette studied a Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia and commenced her career managing a family day option centre catering to intellectually disabled adults. Yvette has also worked for one of Australia’s largest financial institutions, AMP in their Sydney office.

As well as managing the operations and administration of Fullglass, Yvette also manages her own client base. Yvette’s excels in systems implementation, event management, staff management and planning. Coupling with a pragmatic and structured business approach, Yvette gets the job done efficiently and achieves instant results.


Alicia Calary

Wine Export and Domestic Sales and Marketing

On completion of her Bachelor of Management (Marketing), Alicia commenced her career in various marketing roles within the Hardy Wine Company. Alicia also took on a role within the management team at Australian Major Events gaining valuable, hands on, event management experience. She was then employed as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Stringy Brae Wines in the Clare Valley.

Alicia’s fulfilled marketing roles within Kilikanoon Wines in the Clare Valley. Robert Parker Jnr. was quoted as saying “This is one of the most brilliantly run wineries in Australia”.

Alicia has also been responsible for the rejuvenation of the Transforma furniture branding, lifting the image to allow Transforma to compete in the super premium end of the furniture market.

Alicia’s skills aim to create an effective, branded, marketing environment through the combination of graphic design and marketing strategies, and developing innovative, alternative packaging to expand the popularity and accessibility of wine.



The Frontline ...

  • Identify key local and international SALES opportunities
  • Use our extensive local retailer NETWORKS to your advantage
  • IMPROVE your ranging and distribution across local retailers and wholesalers
  • Achieve better PROMOTIONAL effectiveness
  • Set STRATEGIES for quitting old stock
  • Assist in performing required SALES tasks
  • Aid in recruitment of HIGH calibre people

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The global village is calling ...

  • Explore your company and brands EXPORT potential and identify TARGET markets
  • Utilise our GLOBAL network of importers and distributors
  • Identify APPROPRIATE global trade shows to get your product out there
  • Implement PROVEN workplace systems that will simplify the export FULFILMENT process
  • Seek and appoint IMPORTERS as required
  • Review MAIL ORDER process

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Is everything ...

  • Conduct a BRAND HEALTH check
  • FRESHEN UP your existing brand or develop a new one?
  • Development of cost effective marketing MATERIAL to make your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Create a 'Public Relations' strategy that will ATTRACT media reviews and editorials
  • Design a digital media PRESENCE for your brand
  • Event management from IDEA generation through to EXECUTION

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Faster & Better Results

  • Provide local and global industry sector ANALYSIS
  • Develop a professional assessment of your company and brands to add NEW PERSPECTIVE
  • Create strategies to STIMULATE new growth
  • Not afraid to try new ideas based on our cross INDUSTRY experience
  • Establish a set ok KPI's across the business LINKED to strategy
  • Determine a PRIORITISED list of tasks
  • Review OVERALL company resources

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Skilled and refined execution

  • Imbed new product DEVELOPMENT processes into your business
  • Offer advice and introductions to our extensive NETWORK of suppliers
  • Offer business SOLUTIONS to particular operation problems
  • Review BOM's (Bill Of Materials) and propose IMPROVEMENTS
  • Review warehouse MANAGEMENT looking at warehousing options and inventory levels
  • Review wine making and bulk wine REQUIREMENTS

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We really want to see Australian businesses succeed
Here are a few we have worked with and for!


Yarra Yering – www.yarrayering.com
Kaesler Wines – www.kaesler.com.au
Wine Australia – www.wineaustralia.com
Smidge Wines – www.smidgewines.com.au
Catlin Wines – www.catlinwines.com.au
Golding Wines – www.goldingwines.com.au
Gala Estate Wines – www.galaestate.com.au
Terra Verde Wines
Bream Creek Vineyards – www.breamcreekvineyard.com.au
Jim Brand Wines – www.jimbrandwines.com.au
Recoverthol – www.recoverthol.com.au
Mollydooker Wineswww.mollydookerwines.com
Catch of the Day – www.catchoftheday.com.au
Belvidere Wineswww.belviderewinery.com
Repeat Wineswww.repeatwines.com.au
Citrus Australia – www.citrusaustralia.com.au
GraysOnline/GraysWine – www.grayswine.com.au
 Metcash Food & Grocerywww.metcash.com.au
Kangaroo Paw Olive Oil – www.kangaroopaw.com.au
Chaffey Brothers Winewww.chaffeybros.com
Brown Brothers – www.brownbrothers.com.au
Tip Top Bakerieswww.tiptop.com.au
Some Young Punks – www.someyoungpunks.com.au
Spinifex Wines – www.spinifexwines.com.au
Petagna Wines – www.petagnawines.com
Cherubino Wines – www.larrycherubino.com.au
 Lazy Ballerina – www.lazyballerina.com
Anvers Wines – www.anvers.com.au
Adelina Wines – www.adelina.com.au
Cape Barren Wines – www.capebarrenwines.com.au
Killibinbin Wines – www.killibinbin.com.au
Shottesbrooke – www.shottesbrooke.com.au
All Saints Estate – www.prbwines.com.au
Dal Zotto Wines – www.dalzotto.com.au
Engine Room Wines – www.engineroomwines.com
Reschke Wines – www.reschke.com.au
Cape Jaffa Wines – www.capejaffawines.com.au
Sellicks Hill Wines – www.sellickshillwines.com
Plunkett Fowles Winery – www.plunkettfowles.com.au
Stringy Brae – www.stringybrae.com.au
Small Gully Wines – www.smallgullywines.com.au
Chaffey Bros. Wine Company – www.chaffeybros.com.au
La Curio Wines – www.lacuriowines.com
Beresford Wines – www.beresfordwines.com.au
Step Road Wines – www.steproad.com.au
Craneford Wines – www.cranefordwines.com
Tearo Estate – www.tearoestate.com
Transforma – www.transforma.com.au
Cork Supply Australiawww.corksupply.com.au
Eversweet Confectionarywww.eversweet.com.au
Windamere Park – www.windamere.com.au
International Sports Clothing – www.isc-sports.com.au
Department of Primary Industries and Resources – SA Government   www.pirsa.gov.au




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